Rotor Problems?

Fri, 08/19/2016 - 08:52 -- Decatur Industr...
Example Inductance test of a rotor with anomalies

The Rotor Influence Check (RIC) is performed by rotating the rotor in specific increments (determined by the number of poles) over a single pole group, and recording the change in inductance measurements for each phase of the motor. Have you ever seen a Rotor Influence Check (RIC) that showed no sinusoidal activity and changes in rotor position resulted in only minor variations in inductance? If so, you may be looking at test results from a low influence rotor. Click here to learn more about low influence rotors.
This tip of the week from Decatur Industrial brought to you by our friends at PdMA. 

Yes, Decatur Industrial Electric Loves Motors...and Corvette's!

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At D.I.E we love motors – all motors! Check out the video below showing The Genovation Extreme Electric car (GXE) making history in July 2016 by breaking the land speed record for a street legal all-electric vehicle. The GXE became the world's first street legal electric car to exceed 200 mph on its way to reaching the final record breaking speed of 205.6 mph.

Electric Motor Reliability - How do you Want to Spend your Time?

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In the electric motor maintenance business, motor reliability is paramount. When a motor fails unexpectedly, it means downtime, less of productivity, expensive maintenance fees, and a major pain in the neck! Wouldn't it be great if you could predict motor failure before it happened?  Watch this short video from PDMA and talk to Decatur Industrial about a preventative and proactive maintenance program!

My Motor Failed. Now What?

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PROCESS DOWNTIME is expensive—even more so when it’s unexpected. So, when an electric motor fails, we tend to pull, repair, or replace it, and move on as quickly as possible. In doing so, however, we may miss an opportunity to capture basic information that could help improve the reliability of the application. With a little planning, these data can be gathered with no delay in startup. Learn more by clicking HERE to read the Maintenance Techology magazine article by Mike Howell, Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA). 

Got water?

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Water and electricity just do not play well together!  Isn't it amazing how easily water finds a way into our electrical systems. Sometimes the search for the water takes us deeper than expected. Regardless of how deep we have to look to find the water, it is important to recognize when we have water intrusion and get ahead of it before it causes extensive damage to our electrical systems. Or worse, the possibility of unplanned outages and lost production. This is a great case study from our friends at PdMA. Call us for all of your electrical testing needs!